Hi. My name is Isabel and I created Isabalance to work with men and women who want to reduce their back and general aches and pains. In doing so I also help them to move more freely and feel better both physically and therefore mentally.

I am there for them to help decrease pain and help to motivate them when things get tough.

I will also encourage my clients to perform simple exercises at home, as it is important to perform Pilates more than just once a week to maintain those positive results.

I therefore, work with people who are committed. They know it is important to invest in their health and wellbeing to get the best out of life.

This is a life long journey, one which here at Isabalance we all travel together.

My Story

I have always been an anxious, nervous person, lacking confidence and therefore rarely putting myself out of my comfort zone. I grew up as an isolated, frightened child, my mother did her best but it was very difficult as my father was an alcoholic.

During my early adult life, still feeling anxious and lacking confidence, I started work in an admin role and continued to do so for many years. I was pretty happy in my work, had many friends within the workplace and became more confident. Physically, I did have a few issues with my shoulders and I also suffered from migraines.

I started Pilates and found it to be a great help in both boosting my confidence and reducing the migraines and general aches and pains. I decided I could help people and having trained as a Pilates Teacher in 2012 I started to teach one evening class while continuing full-time work.

The last three years of my working life were particularly difficult as I endured prolonged workplace bullying. I become isolated and once again my confidence was rock bottom. I realised that I was not the same with people in the office, by nature I love to be with people and usually build a rapport with them easily, this was not like me. I put my head down, worked very hard and isolated myself from my colleagues. It was clearly time to leave as with my health suffering, this was the kick I needed to chase my dream.

I decided to leave my job and build my Pilates Business, adding classes, and doing Equipilates™ workshops.

Leaving my day job allowed me to put all my energy into my business and help others by doing what I love, in doing so my confidence is far higher than ever before.

My aim is to help people reconnect to their body, helping them to become more body aware.

With a background in Personal Training, Exercise to Music and Biomechanics, I love teaching people from varying lifestyles to improve their health and wellbeing and therefore their lives. I particularly specialise with people with back pain.


Level Three Modern Mat Pilates
Level 4 Low Back Pain
Level 3 Exercise Referral
Level 3 Personal Training
Advanced Equipilates™ Instructor
Exercise to Music

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