Postural and pelvic focused Pilates for horse riding.

As a practitioner of Pilates I was continually amazed at the impact it had on my riding, as well as in everyday life, hence my decision to train to teach and help other horse riders to discover the huge benefits in Equipilates™. I’m qualified to teach Equipilates™ in groups and on a one to one basis as well as offering postural alignment and functional assessments. These assessments can identify any restrictions within the body, which, when addressed will go a long way to improving you as a rider and be the rider yours horse would choose.

Helps to:

  • Improve your rider position
  • Correct bad riding habits
  • Improve your horse’s performance
  • Boost confidence in the saddle
  • Help alleviate horse and rider stiffness
  • Improve your relationship with your horse


EVERY MONDAY: 7.30 to 8.30pm - Equipilates™ Class - Jaks Academy, Ashby. *Please note a maximum of six people in the Equipilates™ class.

*Equipilates™ is strictly booking only. (no drop in). Please call for details. £36.00 for four weeks.  

 Intro ABC Equipilates™ Workshop

- Improve your Alignment £28.00


This two hour workshop can help you achieve an elegant and effective position. Improve symmetry, balance, breath flow and tension release. Tips on the wooden saddle horse to take away with you. Also various exercises to improve and soften your effectiveness in the saddle. - Just £25.00 for 2 hours including exercise sheets and light refreshments. Booking essential. Message, email or call me for further details.    

Further Workshop

This workshop will consolidate what you have learnt in the Intro Workshop. It will further improve your alignment and flexibility. There will be further releasing exercises as well as core stability work. This will really enhance your riding. Not to be missed. Just £28.00 (plus travaleing) for two hours. Booking essential. Message, email or call me for further details.

These workshops are held in Ashby or Marchington (or other locations on request).

COMING SOON. NEXT WORKSHOP IN ASHBY. Date to be advised. Please put your name forward for further details if you are interested.  

WANT A WORKSHOP NEAR YOU? Please do not hesitate to call me. I do travel.

OR: If you would like Equipilates™ sessions at your yard please feel free to message me.




Q) What Is Equipilates™?

A) A form of Pilates that is particularly targeted towards horse riders.

Q) How can it help me?

A) Equipilates™ helps you feel, move and look better in the saddle. Improving your alignment, your breathing and your core control will improve your horse’s performance.

Q) How can it help my horse?

A) Equipilates™ will help to make you more supple, free from stiffness, promote symmetry and shock absorption, which in turn can help your horse to perform at his best.

Q) What's the difference between Equipilates™ and other Pilates for horse riders?

A) There are many differences; specific cutting edge exercises within Equipilates™ help to reduce any restrictions within the body BEFORE performing any core conditioning exercise to make sure you aren’t just strengthening a crooked pattern! All of our exercise programmes are designed with the rider’s and the horse’s needs in mind; every single movement you practise in our classes correlates with a riding skill or aim. We also incorporate other movement principles, which are of particular benefit to riders in addition to our unique awareness programme. Only teachers who have completed the official Equipilates™ training programme can teach Equipilates™.


  • Well Isabel, where do I start, your a fantastic teacher, and I really do enjoy going Pilates! When I first started, I wasn't sure if I would like it, as I have never done it before, but you made me so confident, and made me have the courage to speak to lots of people and make friends:)   I love how you are very positive about Pilates and I think it is a great idea that you do different stages depending on how flexible you are.   Everyone that wants to join Pilates, should join with Isabel, as she is a great teacher, and is very patient with you and will help you if you need help or look like you are struggling but afraid to ask for help - Emily
  • I let the stresses of the day drift away for an hour when I'm at Isabel's Pilates class.  I have found Pilates continues to improve my overall strength, flexibility and posture.  The class environment is friendly and relaxed with everyone made to feel welcome.  - Amanda
  • I always look forward to my Thursday night pilates class with Isabel. I have found that pilates is a fun but challenging way to stretch and tone and is also exercise approved by my chiropractor. I am delighted that not only is my core strength improving but my body shape is changing too. I can highly recommend this class.” - Kirsty
  • "Great workout! Isabel demonstrates well, always offering alternative positions for most exercises so all abilities are catered for. I lost weight rather suddenly and needed to tone and strengthen - certainly done that already! I'm no spring chicken, but there's certainly a spring in my step now! “ - Pat
  • "I have never been to a Pilates class before and was very concerned that I wouldn't be able to cope with the classes but Isabel demonstrates and explains each exercise and then checks that I am doing it correctly. I am really enjoying the class and look forward to going each week”. - Chris

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