Holistics At Home

My aim is for you to feel relaxed and at home. When your treatment is over and you are feeling serene and stress free, you will already be in the comfort of your home*, so no need to break the serenity by having the journey home.

Personalised Packages

I can deliver a bespoke package to suit your requirements. It may include a deep or nurturing full body massage, combined with a Pilates or Postural Analysis Session, particularly suitable for those with low back pain. I can offer functional tests and as a result prescribe a programme of exercises specific to your needs. These can be applied to anyone to help you improve your posture, suppleness, flexibility and core tone as well as low back pain clients and horse riders. Pilates and massage can help you to destress you and give you 'me time'. They may be delivered over a period of four to six weeks and for any one session, for one to two hours.

See below for examples of packages.


If you would like further details of packages or single treatments please contact me.

NO HANDS® Massage

NO HANDS® Therapist

No Hands® Massage is a deep tissue massage which means that your injuries, aches and pains can be smoothed away. It does this silently, through the sheer power of healing touch. Once you have experienced a treatment, you will want nothing else. I use the soft front of my lower arm and my body weight, to suit you


PLEASE NOTE: All massages are always suited to how YOU feel on that day.

For booking please message me.

No Hands® Massage at Church Gresley DE11 9GQ



Stress Buster Programme

Are you feeling stressed or anxious? It’s surprising how much stress can affect our everyday lives from the way we look to the way we react to other people at work and at home. My unique combination of holistic therapies will rebalance your mind and help you manage stress or anxiety to help you rediscover that calmer inner and outer you. Facials using Neal’s Yard Remedies products, including face massage followed by a tailored one to one Pilates session that is personal to you.

Postural Analysis Programme

Do you struggle with your posture and/or mild to moderate back pain, especially in the lower back? My unique combination of holistic therapies will help to realign your problem area to improve posture and release back tension.

Initial consultation

​Biomechanical testing to identify specific issues ​Postural Analysis A tailored one to one Pilates session that is personal to you. ​Back massage. ​Back massage and leg massage depending upon your needs ​A tailored one to one Pilates session that is personal to you. Sessions will be weekly and last for the required number of weeks to help the problem. This will be agreed in the initial consultation. All sessions are held in the comfort of the client’s home.


  • Well Isabel, where do I start, your a fantastic teacher, and I really do enjoy going Pilates! When I first started, I wasn't sure if I would like it, as I have never done it before, but you made me so confident, and made me have the courage to speak to lots of people and make friends:)   I love how you are very positive about Pilates and I think it is a great idea that you do different stages depending on how flexible you are.   Everyone that wants to join Pilates, should join with Isabel, as she is a great teacher, and is very patient with you and will help you if you need help or look like you are struggling but afraid to ask for help - Emily
  • I let the stresses of the day drift away for an hour when I'm at Isabel's Pilates class.  I have found Pilates continues to improve my overall strength, flexibility and posture.  The class environment is friendly and relaxed with everyone made to feel welcome.  - Amanda
  • I always look forward to my Thursday night pilates class with Isabel. I have found that pilates is a fun but challenging way to stretch and tone and is also exercise approved by my chiropractor. I am delighted that not only is my core strength improving but my body shape is changing too. I can highly recommend this class.” - Kirsty
  • "Great workout! Isabel demonstrates well, always offering alternative positions for most exercises so all abilities are catered for. I lost weight rather suddenly and needed to tone and strengthen - certainly done that already! I'm no spring chicken, but there's certainly a spring in my step now! “ - Pat
  • "I have never been to a Pilates class before and was very concerned that I wouldn't be able to cope with the classes but Isabel demonstrates and explains each exercise and then checks that I am doing it correctly. I am really enjoying the class and look forward to going each week”. - Chris

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