Pilates Classes

We offer group Pilates classes in Swadlincote and Measham

Where are you are at

You have a sedentary lifestyle and you know you need to do something to improve your flexibility, to help you move better and feel pain free. You know you are not as flexible as you used to be and you need to do something now.

You have been referred by a physiotherapist/osteopath or chiropractor to do Pilates.

The problems you have right now

You don’t give yourself me time because life gets in the way but you know you need to do something. You spend hours driving or sitting and standing which contributes to your back pain. You would like to do a Pilates class where the teacher ensures you have the attention you need to do the exercises correctly and safely.

What you need help with now

You need the correct guidance to help you reduce pain. You need a regular class to re-gain your flexibility and reduce pain and therefore maintain these results.
You need advice on how to apply Pilates in your everyday life and not just in a one hour class. You are looking for a friendly small class where everyone (and the teacher) relates to you and gives you the attention you want and need.

How can the weekly Group classes help?

Each class has a maximum limit of 8-12 so you get the attention and support you need. The teacher offers hands on corrections so you know and feel confident you are doing the exercises correctly.

It includes:

  • Access to one or two classes per week
  • Tips and motivation and accountability so you can meet yours goals and see and feel the changes you want and need.

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