Private Pilates Sessions

We offer private Pilates sessions in the Swadlincote and Measham area

Where are you are at

You have a specific condition such as back pain and are fed you are unable to go about general tasks, such as playing with the children, or gardening.

You cannot live the life you once had. You are nearly at the end of your course of treatments by your physiotherapist/osteopath or chiropractor and they have recommended you do Pilates to manage your condition.

The problems you have right now

You struggle with your lifestyle and work and therefore you are unable to fully recover from your condition. You don’t know what to do to help you to get your fitness and mobility back and reduce your pain. You are frustrated because you cannot do the most simplest of tasks.

What you need help with now

You need a Pilates Teacher to work with you through a tailored programme to help you to overcome pain and get your life back on track. You need help to help you move, feel and look better and improve posture and therefore decrease stress. You want help with a simple plan to help achieve your health and wellness goals.

How can the Private Pilates Session help you?

You are not alone. Isabel will you help you in these hour long sessions to help you re-gain your body and life. You will be given tips and a plan to help you when Isabel is not there. You will get lots of hands on corrections from Isabel to ensure you are doing the exercises correctly and cues that will help you to understand and help improve your body awareness.

It includes:

  • Weekly or twice weekly hour long private sessions
  • Personalised exercise plans to do at home
  • Practical advice on posture, and how to move in your everyday life with less pain

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