Success Stories

Before attending the class I generally felt I lacked flexibility, particularly in my hips.

I really enjoy the class and look forward to it every week. I have found an all round improvement in flexibility.

I find it easier getting up the sofa, climbing over stiles and I’ve particularly noticed it much easier to look over my shoulder at road junctions when motorcycling.

Trevor Wood


Before working with Isabel I had pain in my right hip and knee through walking.
I find the exercises beneficial and really enjoy the class and like the other people who attend, the facility and style of instruction.

I have found immediate benefits in mobility, and not just in my hips and knees. It has helped me in my job of dog walking and helped me with my horse riding too (no aches after distance ride for example).

Elaine Morris


Before I came to Isabel’s Free Taster Session I did no exercise and was very stiff.

I did have some reservations, such as my ability to perform the exercises and the friendliness in the class.

Isabel explained everything really well, which made me feel at ease.

I would say the best result I have from coming to the Free Class was the improvement in my posture in terms of awareness and relieving my aching shoulders. I took that on board straight away.

I now attend her class on a regular basis. It is so friendly.

Angie Musson

Church Gresley

My health is generally good but I tend to get lower backache.

At first I wasn’t sure what to expect or even like it. However, I really look forward to each session and find it extremely relaxing and my flexibility has definitely improved.

Paula Hallam


Before I started Pilates with Isabel I had stiff joints. Before attending I was not sure whether it would agitate my arthritis.

However, I find the classes are fantastic as Isabel allows us to go at our own pace.

The benefits have been more freedom of movement and generally feeling great after each session.

Stacey Ellis


I was diagnosed with autoimmune issues, which made me feel fatigued, generally unfit and lacked motivation. I realised therefore, I needed to increase my fitness and self care and felt Pilates was a good place to start.

I was unsure to start with, hoping Pilates was not contra-indicated to any treatment I was having or my condition.

I feel confident doing Pilates with Isabel, as safety is always paramount. Isabel contacted me before I started and we spoke at length about my needs and concerns and weather Pilates would be appropriate for me to join. She always asks if anyone has any pain and modifies exercises for the individual as necessary. Also she always makes sure we know our own limitations, which I feel, are important for my well-being and safety.

Pilates with Isabel has helped my body feel more toned and has increased my sense of emotional well-being very much.

I would highly recommend others to Isabel’s Pilates Class and talk about it often to others to spread the word.

Kerrie Blain


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