Live Workouts and Online Programme For Over 50s

Feel, Look and Move Better with Pilates

  • Relax
  • Energise
  • Release





     I am the go to person that can transform your life over 50. I am 63 and feel great

Is this you?

  • I am struggling with stiffness and pain

  • I am looking for an online friendly class that helps my emotional wellbeing as well as decreasing my pain

  • I would like to improve my posture

  • I want to be able to do the gardening with no aches and pains

  • I want to be able to get on and off the floor easier

  • I am 50 or over

    Doing one class per week will help you to reduce aches and pains. To help you to feel so much better and you
    can do gardening, housework, play with the children and socialise so much easier. It will change your life.
    You don’t give yourself me time because life gets in the way but you know you need to do something.
    You spend hours driving or sitting and standing which contributes to your back pain.

    You would like to do a Pilates class where the teacher ensures you have the attention you
    need to do the exercises correctly and safely.



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Fun, friendly effective workouts
Optional fitness tracking – our website links up to Strava, MyZone etc. Track your workouts when running, walking etc.
Optional body composition tracking – track your weight, body fat, muscle, bones, internal fat etc.



 Socials, Educational and workout videos
Blog, Forum and Message board
Online account where you can track you results



  • Achieve your goals; Improve body awareness; Improve fitness; Improved General Wellbeing
    Low back pain and general aches and pains reduced

  • Able to get up and down the floor

  • Better lifestyle as you can work, rest and play, as you can move better;

  • Have a feeling of release within your body and mind

  • Can help to prevent injury

  • Benefits athletes, dancers and horse riders, etc.

  • Can help with osteoporosis, (modified exercises); Arthritis, as it can help in keeping the joints mobile

  • Stiff joints are painful to move, Pilates can help you to move easier, with less pain as you become more flexible.

  • Improve balance and more

30 per cent off your First Two Months