Live Workouts and Online Programme For Over 50s

Feel, Look and Move Better with Pilates

  • Relax
  • Energise
  • Release





     I am the go to person that can transform your life over 50. I am 62 and feel great

  • I am struggling with stiffness and pain

  • I have back pain

  • ‍My shoulders are aching

  • I am looking for a friendly class that helps my emotional wellbeing as well as decreasing my pain

  • I would like to be less stiff and move better

  • I sit at a desk all day

  • My posture is not good

  • I am struggling with stiffness and pain

  • I want to be able to do the gardening with no aches and pains

  • I want to be able to get on and off the floor easier

  • I am struggling with stiffness and pain

  • I am struggling with stiffness and pain

  • Are you 50 or over?


  • Option One: One Live Class per week either Tuesday at 10am OR Thursday 6pm

  • Option Two: On Demand Classes 

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  • Free for the first 7 days. Click below to get all options


Fun, friendly effective workouts
Optional fitness tracking – our website links up to Strava, MyZone etc. Track your workouts when running, walking etc.
Optional body composition tracking – track your weight, body fat, muscle, bones, internal fat etc.


 Socials, Educational and workout videos
Blog, Forum and Message board
Online account where you can track you results


  • Achieve your goals; Improve body awareness; Improve fitness; Improved General Wellbeing
    Low back pain and general aches and pains reduced

  • Able to get up and down the floor

  • Better lifestyle as you can work, rest and play, as you can move better;

  • Have a feeling of release within your body and mind

  • Can help to prevent injury

  • Benefits athletes, dancers and horse riders, etc.

  • Can help with osteoporosis, (modified exercises); Arthritis, as it can help in keeping the joints mobile

  • Stiff joints are painful to move, Pilates can help you to move easier, with less pain as you become more flexible.

  • Improve balance and more