Firstly welcome and congratulations for signing up to Isabalance. We are here to help improve your fitness, well-being and confidence.
Here are some definitions:

You/Your – You as the personal customer participating in a personalised programme or a group session

 We/Us – Isabalance

 Services – Personal Training / Pilates - Stability Ball Classes / Massage / Holistic Facials

 ‘Session’ – Your personal appointment or scheduled class time

 ‘Package’ – The specific plan agreed between you and Isabalance.


We have total belief in the effectiveness of our services; however, a team effort is needed to get results. Success requires personal
commitment from you as well as us, the Isabalance Team.

In order that our working relationship is as successful as possible, you can expect a high standard from us (Isabalance). We promise
to offer the following throughout your time with us:

 ·       The recommendations that we make will always be in your best interest. Based on our professional expertise and experience we will

           only recommend services that are necessary for getting you a successful result.

·       Please note that your membership investment for classes is based on 46 weeks per year. If you are unable to attend your class there will be no refunds.
However, you do have access both to the recordings and the On-Demand classes, so you will never miss out.

·       Isabalance will determine, on a case by case basis, to offer a membership freeze in exceptional cases of unavoidable non-attendance. Written evidence
to support your claim may be requested. Any such claim must be made in advance and cannot be made retrospectively.

·      You can expect the highest quality of service from Isabalance, knowing that we genuinely care and want to help you be the best that you can be.

·      If you need further help between classes please feel free to email or call me but no later than 9pm please. Thank you.

In return for the above commitment from us, we expect a level of commitment from you:

·       All participants to complete a Physical and Medical Form. Participants assume responsibility of checking with their Medical Professional for
medical readiness.

·       I always offer 2 or 3 levels of an exercise and explain that if there is any pain to reduce range of motion, rest, or an alternative will be offe
red. However, it is also your responsibility to work within your limits by reducing range of motion, rest, or go for the alternative should that work
for you, to prevent pain. (Any questions please ask).

·       All memberships and packages must be booked and paid by monthly Direct Debit.

·       DD Payments will be taken on the 1st of the month.

·       Please be on time for your sessions. Consistency and session attendance are vital for results and safety.

·       If you wish to cancel your membership please give 1 months’ notice (classes)

·       Private session packages are booked and paid in advance. Please give 48 hours for cancellations (in exceptional circumstances) otherwise
the session will be charged in full.

·       In the unlikely event that Isabalance is unable to complete the package, through illness  you will be entitled to a refund for the number
of outstanding sessions (based on private sessions) or a freeze on DD classes.


·       I accept the above terms and conditions. I understand that elements
of Isabalance packages/classes can be physically demanding as a condition of my enrolment. I accept full and complete responsibility
for my own goals that I have established. This means that I acknowledge the recommendations made by Isabalance and that I obtain
a medical doctors approval for my participation in the packages/classes should I have a medical condition. I agree to hold Isabalance
free and harmless of any and all liability for any subsequent injury or health complication that, though unlikely, may result from or be
aggravated by my participation in the packages/classes. I will also take it upon myself to notify Isabalance of any changes to my
medical history or current state of health.